saving mosquitoes and moving on


It’s late now and I might be dehydrated. Summer has hit Israel. It feels official  – it's too hot ! what am I doing with myself  to pleasantly pass the time?
Catching mosquitoes, of course! I’ve spent a few months living in a Buddhist monastery and since then I lost the will to kill any living thing, Yes, even mosquitoes.  Never mind the How’s or Why’s of such a one-sided declaration, the story is – they know it and I think they’re taking advantage of it. Since there is no killing – there must be catching! I catch the flying devils using an empty glass and a post card, SNAP!  And then release them out side, away from my house.
maybe, but no bad karma for me or them, and it would appear I can now add “excellent hunting abilities” to my long (?) list of skills. But what else am I doing with myself, aside from saving the world, one mosquito at a time? I feel no sense of direction, a feeling that is much too familiar. It’s waiting for something to happen, but what? If  I knew what I wanted I would at least try to reach for it. I don’t know what I want though I thought I did. Things have changed (mostly internal affairs), what is it I want now? What would make me happy? Funny how that question always comes with the notion that happiness is elsewhere and I need to move, or travel, or something!!!
freedom and happiness on the move...
(the holy land)

Having said that, in this case I really do need to moves to a bigger place, maybe finally settle. Won’t bore you with the details but we have been living on the move A LOT. Back and forth, back and forth between Israel and California, and never truly here nor there. This kind of life style dose have some advantages to it, sure, but when is it enough? and where?
  This path is in Israel and it leads to the "lonely tree", my favorite place in the world

 Southern California

"Ojai"  CA

This painting is recent and it's one of my favorites. It called
"a field after the rain"
in California, of course

 What's that got to do with anything? not sure. Hey, maybe I should start painting some furniture? to get the feel of "HOME" ...

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