Survive, where it's easy and comfortble

This painting is called: “Come on, let’s go home, I think ‘Survivor’ is on”
Acrylic on canvas 100*80 cm

You know that feeling you get when you know “YOU DON’T GET IT”? how about that feeling you get when you know “you don’t get it” but it doesn’t matter all that much? Kind of like coming to terms with the boundaries of our comfort zone, even when that space is , well, not as large as we had once hoped it would be, when we still believed in fulfilling our full potential. Oh, in those days…before the couch was shape like our ***es. those days when “not getting it” or “missing out” wasn’t an option, and when it happened it was so embracing, some times to the point of self denial! Well, those days are gone ! (or can be) once one embraces his/her mediocrity or old age, what ever comes first.
so No, I don’t get it. I can be looking straight it, the miracle of life, the wonders of the universe, the magic of creation, friendship, love, you name it, it takes my breath away, really, it’s beautiful, perfect it’s … it’s… hey, what time is it? I’m getting kind of hungry… I think I need a sweater, my back is killing me, what did you say was for dinner? YES ! that feeling!
What is there not to get, you ask?
Well, it can be anything from an intellectual complexity to just being aware of the awesome, incredible world around us. We like to think we see it, but do we really? We like to believe we're open to challenges, that we can solve the riddle, that of life or even just that in the Sunday paper. Honestly, does it really matter? How about when your favorite T.V. show is about to start ? Happenes all the time, doesn't it?

well, let's go home, my back is killing me !

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